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Omtech Computer Society is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of Experience teachers.So for your better career we are here.

Welcome to Omtech Computer Society

“Omtech Computer Society” is a prominent institution in Baheri , active since a long time. Omtech Computer Society provides various courses like CCC, ‘O’Level, Computer Basic, Photoshop, Corel Draw. Visual Basic and many more and provide Valuable diploma from RGCSM and NIELIT .

Omtech computer Society have well trained faculty to the specific course and have a unique method to teach students causes of the success rate of the institute increase day by day.

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Featured Courses


The institute is offering Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training (1 yrs or 2 yrs) This Diploma deals with a good preschool curriculum and has the ability to significantly contribute to a child's proper growth.

'O' Level

Omtech Computer Society is offering one year course of 'O' Level that includes four semesters. We are best 'O' Level Course study point in Baheri.


Omtech computer Society offering you 3 months Basic computer Course. in which all the basic concept cover in this course


With increasing demand in the private industry as well as government industry. Omtech computer society offer you Course on Computer Concepts course by well trained faculty

Computer Teacher Training

Become a Computer Teacher/Trainer by obtaining our Computer Teacher Training course of 12 Months that includes total two semesters.

Fashion Designing

The institute is proudly offering best Fashion Designing Course in Baheri. This Fashion Designing Diploma classes contain both theory as well as practical classes .

Special Services

Diploma in Web Designing (DWD)

For the very first time in the town,Omtech Computer Society is offering high class Diploma in Web Designing (DWD). If you are interested in developing attractive web pages or your own website, you can accelerate your practice with this rapid 6 Months course of Web Designing through one of the best institute. 

After successful completion of the course you will be rewarded with an official Web Designing Diploma/Certificate.

Fashion Designing & Photography Courses

Omtech Computer Society offers courses in fashion designing for students to learn how to cultivate and express their creativity. Fashion Designing is a beautiful art and skill that can be evolved in young artists. The course is ideal for the students of 10th or 12th standards. The course is a combination of design technique and creativity that includes design principles, design elements, concepts, history, fashion illustration, fashion management and other components.

If you have interest in Photography then you should start learning it in a professional manner to fulfill your dream photography career. Whether you are interested in animal photography, nature photography, food photography or any other specialized field, this Photography Course in Bareilly would be essential to kick start your journey. 

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Why Omtech computer??
  • NIELIT  and RGSCMG approved institute with high reputation.
  • Offering more than 30 professional courses that suits every age of people.
  • Successfully completed 4 years in improving skills and knowledge of students.
  • Having faculty that holds high class knowledge and experience in their particular fields.
  • Never disappointed students after completion of course, instant allocation of certificate as well as great placement suggestions. 

Director Message

Dear Students
Success nothing less is the philosophy we are kindled with, which rejuvenates us to script new success stories every year we are well-known for. It is a way of life and a guiding principle for us that strengthen our own belief to mount new heights. This is a well-tested formula that has brought magical results for us over the years. This reflected in our work culture everyday – from the way we mentor our students to the success history we have been scripting for the last two and a half decades.

There is a theory, which suggests that at young age the brain is, in essence, transformed from an insatiable information-gathering machine into a sleek, cogitation machine of enormous power. Your ideas become complex, your reasoning grows elegant and powerful, and your imagination soars to new heights. This is why the institute you choose to train yourself is so important. You need to know what hard thinking feels like. You need challenges. You need someone to say, “Think again. You don’t quite have it yet.” You also need someone to tell you, “Yes, that’s it. That’s it exactly”.   

                                                                                          Harish Kumar


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